Evangelicals and Pope Francis

I think that evangelical Christians, of which I am one, need to be very careful about dismissing or criticizing the Roman Catholic Pope Francis. I have heard people, fellow believers, say Francis is the Anti-Christ mainly for his supposed left-leaning statements. As with all leaders of the faith his words, like anyone else’s should be weighed against the Bible.  Pope Francis is clearly a man of God, although I do not of course adhere to his infallibility as to Church matters and his opinions about earthly matters are obviously his own. Yet he is spreading a Gospel message to many who are not saved, and un-churched, or little-churched and who need God. Many would likely never pay attention to the Word of God without the widespread interest he has generated. He is also clearly a good, humble, decent human being who loves as Christ loves. There are lessons in that for all of us. My only hope is that when he leaves, just as when Billy Graham’s crusades left town, that the millions of people whose lives have been impacted are surely inspired to seek God, read the Bible, and transform their lives through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I hope that true faith in God, not in the Pope or any other man, is the end result.

Have a blessed day!

One thought on “Evangelicals and Pope Francis

  1. Amen! I have so much respect for Pope Francis. The Church is blessed to have such a wonderful Christ-like leader. Yes, he is a man and is fallible like the rest of us but I truly believe He desperately desires to be Christ’s hands and feet in this world. This is a time for unity in the Church, not more discord.


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