On the Oregon College Shootings: Do We Have the Courage to Change?

I hate guns. I hate war. But wars do not start by themselves and guns do not kill on their own. Can we please start talking nationally about the root causes of violence and hatred, especially among young people? Can we examine the media and the role models they push on society? Can we examine popular culture? Can we examine music and movies and television? Can we examine video games and unbridled and unregulated Internet access for children? Can we examine the medication of young people for the never-ending list of psychoses being discovered and diagnosed every day? Can we talk about absentee parenting? Can we talk about the role faith (not religion) plays in creating positive boundaries, moral absolutes (yes there is a right and wrong) and ethical rules? Do we really have the guts to take this thing on and not just pass another law and believe we have actually done something? That’s the kind of debate I am interested in…let’s not make this solely the NRA v. America. That is a false premise…this is so much more and we all know this.  This is about us, all of us, and whether we have the courage to change from within so that real, positive change can occur without.  Perhaps as well this has much to do about whom we love more, ourselves or others.  In a selfie world of self-love, self-promotion, and self-centeredness, are we taking the time to love, support, care for and nurture our children, our neighbors, our friends and even strangers?  How many would have been saved if those around the Oregon shooter, the Newtown shooter, the Columbine shooters, had really cared, had paid attention and had become involved.

Please join me in praying for all of those who have been effected by this most recent tragedy.  Yes, it will take more than prayer I know that.  But it will take more than one more gun law as well.  Our children and our young people are our future…we need to stop and examine why each new generation seems to have more who are lost, disillusioned and angry than the one before.